Strategic Consulting

Through a structured process of both internal and external analysis, we review our clients capabilities, resources and aspirations and the environment in which they operate.  Working closely with our clients, we plan competitive actions and design operative work plans. Our view is that more than engaging in old-fashioned formal planning, firms need to engage in a continual evaluation of their assumptions, strategies and actions. We help our clients design their competitive strategy and establish work processes that will allow them to continuously examine, refine and change it.

Strategic Business Development

Our business development activities focus on creating opportunities for collaboration and growth of short and long term revenues. We provide our customers with a wide range of business development services, from linking technologies to new markets and establishing strategic alliances and sales channels, to full responsibility of their entire business development activities. Each client can choose the level of commitment that fits his needs best. Our approach to quality is the same.

Strategic Innovation

In today’s hypercompetitive environment, the ability to generate innovation is a central dimension of competition, and a critical determinant of success. We help our clients develop innovative products by linking their core capabilities and technologies to new markets and unmet needs in existing markets, prioritize their pipeline of investments in innovative solutions, and develop new business models. Working closely with our customers we assist them in the establishment of an organizational culture and work processes that support temporary, sustainable and ongoing innovation.